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Are You Looking For The RIGHT Person To Fill A Gap In Your Team?

At Premier People, Attitude is key! We can always teach people new skills, but we can’t teach: Attitude; work ethic; personality and integrity!

Here at Premier People we supply quality, skilled and experienced people with a stellar attitude and exemplary track record for performance.

All our candidates are hand selected and recruited out in the field, by our experienced team leaders, continuously selecting the best workers and bringing them on board to connect them to the right position.

Our personal approach will help you find the perfect candidate(s) to integrate with your regular internal employees and meet your organizations requirements and objectives, with a seamless transition.

Teaching & Support
Admin & Clerical

What Is The Process?

  1. The first step is to book a free consultation. (You can do that by clicking here)
  2. One of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet with one of our consultants with expertise in your sector. We can come to you, or you can meet with us in our centrally located Perth office.
  3. During that meeting we will listen to your companies needs and requirements and together we can work out a solution that fits you best.
  4. We start by searching our extensive database of candidates. If we do not find suitable candidates, we will advertise and on-board new candidates at no extra charge to you.
  5. Once we find a candidate, you choose one of our simple on-boarding packages that can be tailored for your specific needs!

How Does Labour Hire Work?

There are primarily three ways that you would on-board a new candidate with Premier People.

Labour Hire

1. Casual Pay Rolling option

This guarantees last minute availability of skilled personnel when required, or the ability to plan ahead with a casual workforce without the commitment and liabilities required for full time employees. With NO MINIMMUM HIRE requirement in place, this is by far the most popular option.

  1. Tell us what industry you are working in and what skill sets you require
  2. We will assess whether we are able to assist and give you a response within 2 hours
  3. Sign Premier People engagement letter
  4. Relax and let us start filling your vacancies!

Under this arrangement, Premier People assume all responsibility for the workers mobilised to site. Included in a simple hourly rate is all the following:

  • Employee wage and PAYG liability
  • Superannuation (9.5%)
  • Payroll Tax (5.5% in WA)
  • Workers Compensation Liability
  • Casual Loading (25%)
  • All other employee allowances
  • Public Liability
  • Full Pre-Employment Medical Assessment
  • Lab Drug and Alcohol Screen
  • Full PPE
  • Admin and Screening process

2. Temporary Permanent Placement option

This is an excellent option for clients looking for permanent roles to be filled but wish to trial the candidate on a ‘semi-permanent’ basis prior to offering full time employment. The candidate can then be fully on-boarded COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE at the end of the trial!

Candidates can be engaged on a 3 month ‘temp to perm’ basis, where they will work a minimum of 38 hours per week (technically as a casual employee) but working full time hours giving you the opportunity to assess their suitability in your business. After the trial period, the candidate can sign over directly, completely free of charge. During the 3-month ‘trial period’ Premier People cover all the same liabilities as covered under the casual payroll option, with the assurance of a guaranteed employee in your business for the full period.

The candidate can be released at anytime and there is no obligation to offer a full-time contract at the end of the trial period. At any time during the trial, Premier People can replace the candidate if you find them to be unsuitable for your business.

3. Permanent Placement option

This is a more suitable option for candidates required for full time positions. Candidates are pay rolled by the client and all liabilities are covered by the client. what’s Included:

  • Advertising
  • Screening and reference checking
  • Full pre-employment medical
  • Psychometric evaluation

All of our candidates placed come with a three month probation period, whereby if you are not satisfied with the placement for any reason, or in the unlikely event the candidate is dismissed, we will replace them completely free of charge

Book A Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to see how Premier People can help with your staffing needs

If you are in need of experienced and qualified staff then get in touch and let us find you the right fit for your position. The first step is to book a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements to see how we can help.

Premier People Are Here To Take The Stress Out Of Your Recruitment

Tailored To Your Needs

Premier People tailor everything we do to your specific needs. This ensures you get only the best candidates delivered quickly and easily. We do all the hard work!

Trained Premier Candidates

Premier People Candidates are hand selected based on their attitude; personality and previous experience. We then provide training to address gaps in knowledge and skill sets to generate the perfect person with the rights skill set, and not the wrong person with the right skill set

Customised Hire Options

Premier People can work with your to create the labour hire situation that works best for you, whether it is a casual pay rolling option or a permanent placement option.